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 Manufacturing of leather

Our products are exclusively made of cowhide leather. Most are of European breed, but also imported from overseas. European leather may show lesser natural marks then those breeded overseas at broader planes.

Leather brought out of the slaughterhouse can not be refined at full thickness. Therefore, it is being sliced into several parts. The slicing procedure of that leather is also seperated in two parts: the top - colored, and the middle layers. Furniture vendors usually offer the top (colored) leather surface since it is milder, stronger and long lasting.

Following the cleansing procedure the leather is put into barrels for coloring. The final result is preceded with a protective layer coating. This way, the natural faults are covered by this coating layer.

Main attributes

Leather is a type of product which bears the marks of nature upon its surface. These marks are more-less visible to the naked eye. Many natural effects can determine the type of marks and scars on the leather which the animal bore during its lifetime. Can be: stings of insects, barbed wire or horned fight remnants. Can be also from the breeder or the overlander who drives the animal to the slaughterhouse. Moreover, scars can derive from diseases or other medical operations. These natural marks make the leather genuine and do not influence its long lasting feature, thus obviously do not make reason for client complaints or claims of such manner.

The leather has an exclusively mild touch, as is comfortable and warm. This feature derives from the temperature equalizing process which takes place through its half open poles.

During the use, as with any other leather product (bag, shoe, coat) wrinkles are formed, which only raise the esteem of the set. Mainly visible on seats and arm rest surfaces.

Pull-up effect is what makes the leather antique and causes a lighter color at the foldings and at the edges of the wrinkles. Thus making it antique.

Maintaining the leather

If maintaining the following guidelins, the leather can cherish its softness and beauty for ages:

• Leather requires warm dry space!
• The ideal percipitaion should be at 50-70%, while the ideal temperature at 15-30 °C.
• Protect from direct sunlight, direct heat (eg. heater)!
• Protect from extremely dry or wet places!
• Keep away all heavy sharp objects from its surface!
• Hair fat, dirt or sweat can harm the leather surface and can cause a dark spot!
• Dry dust, or other dry dirt must be removed carefully with wet cloth, then dried with a woolen drape!
• Liquids are to be soaked with dry cloth! Do not scratch the surface!
• Spots, marks are to be removed immediately with dry leather cleaner and wet cloth! The sooner you remove the spot the better the result is!
• Attention! Pets (dogs, cats) can make decent damage to your furniture!
• Colored materials, textiles can stain the leather surface!
• The furniture must be coated twice a year with a special leather coating liquid to preserve its life-term. (Leather Balsam!)